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2020 Democrats prepare for caucus

The Iowa caucuses are on Monday night, and everyone is pulling out some last-minute strategy. Joe Biden's aides have raised the possibility of forming an alliance with Senator Amy Klobuchar, but her supporters aren't committed. The idea behind an alliance is that each campaign would be the other's Plan B in areas where they don't have enough support. A Democratic Super PAC has released an ad in Iowa that questions Bernie Sanders' health and electability. If elected, Sanders would be the country's first Jewish president.


President Trump's impeachment defense strategy has shifted again. Trump's lawyer Alan Dershowitz now claims that certain forms of quid pro quo are not impeachable and that they're okay if the President is attempting to get reelected. If witnesses are allowed, some leaders suggested calling Hunter Biden, Joe Biden's son, to the stand. The Trump administration is also ramping up effort to attack former national security adviser and potential witness John Bolton. The White House sent a formal threat to Bolton telling him not to publish his memoir, which includes key claims that could implicate Trump in the Ukraine scandal.


More than 100 cases of the Wuhan coronavirus have now been identified outside China, even as countries scramble to protect their citizens, reports CNN. 170 people have been reported dead, and 7,700 confirmed cases of the virus. China extended the Lunar New Year celebration by up to a week. Misinformation about the virus are spreading about the internet quickly.

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