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Governor Bill Lee Mandates Stay-at-Home Order

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee has signed a mandated stay-at-home order, he announced Thursday afternoon in a press conference. The order means that Tennesseans must remain home unless they are engaging in essential activity.

The order will be effective immediately, said Gillum Ferguson, the governor's spokesman. The order will last until at least April 14.

This comes after the governor ordered safer-at-home guidelines Monday to recommend residents stay home unless going out is "absolutely necessary."

In the press conference, a Tennessee Health official reported 2,845 confirmed cases of COVID-19. 32 individuals have died from complications of COVID-19, and the state has conducted 34,611 tests, Lee said.

Lee said during the press conference that some Tennesseans have taken his safer-at-home order seriously, but that it's "troubling" to some disregarding the guidelines.

Officials have researched traffic patterns in Tennessee since the CDC issued social distancing guidelines last month, Lee reported. For the first two weeks, travel patterns decreased. Since March 30, travel has trended upward, Lee said.

Lee said that April will be a tough month, with coronavirus posing an imminent threat.

"Essential activity" is still permitted. Activities covered under that:

-going to doctor's appointments, picking up medicine or medical supplies and seeking emergency services

-going to the grocery store, pharmacy or getting necessary supplies to work from home

-going to the park or other outdoor places to hike, swim or drive

-providing, facilitating or receiving delivery or curbside carry-out services

-caring for or visiting a family member, friend or pet in another household

-visiting a place of worship or attending a wedding or funeral

Local law enforcement has been authorized to enforce this order.

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