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First-time voter reflects on his experience

The 2020 Presidential Election is four days away and based on new data and recent polls, early voter turnout is at an all-time high.

Along with early voting, young people are also showing up to the polls, many of them being first-time voters.

David DuBose, a UT Martin student and first-time voters, says being a first-time voter is nerve-wracking.

"I feel like this election is so important in deciding what direction we want the U.S. to go. I just don't know if I have enough information to make the best decision."

However, DuBose still believes it's important to vote and do his part.

"I believe that unless you vote unless you make a choice and let that choice be known, you can't complain."

Early voting ended in Weakley County yesterday but the polls will reopen on Tuesday, November 3rd at 8.

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