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Dresden to Implement Mandatory Curfew

The City of Dresden has implemented additional mandatory social distancing measures to address the continued spread of COVID-19, including a curfew. Dresden Mayor Jeff Washburn announced the additional measures Monday morning, and the changes were posted on Facebook.

The curfew will apply to vehicular traffic, pedestrians walking on streets and sidewalks and the use of city-owned facilities. Exceptions to the curfew will be individuals commuting through Dresden and individuals walking or driving to or from work. The Dresden Police Department will enforce the curfew.

According to city officials, all parks will be closed as of Monday and all activities at Wilson Park are prohibited. Traffic gates allowing traffic into the park will be closed. The Dresden Police will also enforce the park closure.

The Walking Trail will remain open to foot traffic, the city said. Individuals using the trail are required to maintain the CDC's recommended six-foot separation.

The city encouraged vulnerable citizens, which includes the elderly and individuals with cardiac or respiratory issues, diabetes or auto-immune disorders to shelter in place at home and limit interactions with friends and family.

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