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2020 Election: a breakdown

Ballots are still being counted, and Americans are getting restless.

Everyone's attention is on the undecided states: Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina and Pennsylvania. (Alaska is undecided, but it's heavily red.)

So, where are we vote-wise?

The Associated Press called Arizona for former Vice President Joe Biden, but other sources say the race is too close to call. Arizona houses 11 electoral votes.

AP says Biden has 264 electoral college votes, but others give him 253. President Donald Trump has 214 electoral college votes.

The Associated Press

Georgia and Pennsylvania flipped Friday morning, giving Biden a narrow lead over the incumbent in both states.

Siding with AP, Biden needs six more electoral college votes to get to 270. Winning Nevada would give him that.

Trump would need to win Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Alaska in order to get to 270 electoral college votes.

No, like popular vote.

As of Friday at 8:11 a.m., Biden has 73,523,741 total votes. Trump has 69,635,880.

That makes Biden the number one vote-getter of all presidential candidates and the first to ever break 70 million votes.

What is all this with lawsuits?

Trump has worked to discredit mail-in ballots because they seem to lean left. However, may attribute that lean to Trump's negativity surrounding absentee voting throughout the election.

Many people are worried about voter fraud, but voting officials say it's not a concern. The BBC fact-checked claims related to fraud, clearing up any confusing surrounding mail-in ballots.

Trump's campaign filed lawsuits Wednesday in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia to contest Biden's electoral college votes.

So when will we know something?

Officials seem to think we'll know by the end of the day. They have until December to make official announcements, though, so don't hold your breath.

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